Precision Sheet Metal Parts for Communications Equipment

Last updated on December 28th, 2023 at 12:22 pm

With many metal fabrication shops to choose from, we’re proud to be a top choice for customers in the communications equipment industry.

Approved Sheet Metal frequently fabricates parts for machines that manufacture a wide range of communications products, including GPS systems, satellite technologies, broadcasting equipment, and other wireless communications devices.

One of the companies we’ve worked with is Gradient Technologies, which we supported through product development and quick-turn prototyping. Once we delivered prototypes that met their specifications, we made a small production run that exceeded their expectations.

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  • Popular parts we fabricate for communications equipment manufacturers
  • Common materials used for communication equipment
  • Challenging features associated with these precision sheet metal parts

Popular Parts for the Communications Equipment Industry

From welding, forming, and hardware insertion to assembly and painting, our sheet metal fabrication shop leverages our full range of capabilities to build parts for customers in communications equipment fields.

We regularly manufacture:

Common Metals Used for Communications Equipment 

Metal fabrication companies leverage a wide assortment of materials when manufacturing communications equipment. Here at Approved Sheet Metal, you’ll most frequently find us making communications equipment parts with these metals:


An excellent choice for precision sheet metal parts, aluminum is both lightweight and resistant to corrosion. We can chromate-treat your aluminum parts to make them conductive, and anodizing is an option for increased part durability. Certain aluminum alloys offer enhanced machinability and weldability.

Cold-rolled steel

This cost-efficient material offers high stiffness. Powder coating ensures enhanced durability, but because cold-rolled steel is not corrosion-resistant, it’s best suited for indoor applications.


Perfect for many electrical applications due to its high thermal and electrical conductivity, copper is soft, flexible, and ductile. Copper alloy options offer increased hardness and formability.

Galvannealed steel

Zinc-coated and annealed for durability, this low-carbon steel performs well in wet environments.

Stainless steel

With the stiffness of cold-rolled steel and excellent strength, stainless steel’s chromium and nickel properties make it highly resistant to corrosion.

Challenging Features Common in Communications Equipment

Unusual and complex features are a hallmark of the precision sheet metal parts we fabricate for the communications equipment industry.

We stock a wide assortment of specialty tools in-house and can procure additional tooling when necessary. Be sure to ask if your part requires a tooling order that may extend your lead time. 

Some of the unique features we frequently fabricate include:


By rolling sheet metal between patterned rolls, we can stamp the material with your choice of pattern in a repeatable process that won’t alter your material’s thickness.

Embossments are more than aesthetic embellishments; they can enhance your part’s performance by dispersing liquid, minimizing friction, reducing static, improving stiffness and rigidity, elevating traction, and creating additional surface areas for better heat transfer.


Formed with a press brake or press punch, louvers provide air ventilation and can aid in assembly. The louver style we make most often is called a “closed-end, straight-back louver.


Our shop has the highly specialized lance-and-form tools necessary for cutting and forming bridges. These raised features serve as card guides, dividers, shear stops, vents, and wire tie-downs.

Trust Approved Sheet Metal for Precision Sheet Metal Parts

Communications Equipment Customer ReviewPrecision sheet metal fabrication is the manufacturing industry’s preferred solution for cost-efficient, high-quality, quick-turnaround communications equipment parts.

Our team works closely with every customer to resolve design challenges and build optimally usable parts that meet even the most stringent functional requirements, from prototypes to finely finished end-use parts.

Among myriad metal fabrication companies, Approved Sheet Metal is a powerful partner when you need superior-quality critical components for your communications equipment.

Request a quote for your next precision sheet metal project, and we’ll get in touch shortly!

Precision Sheet Metal for Communications Equipment FAQ

Approved Sheet Metal offers a diverse range of parts crucial for communications equipment manufacturing. These include bus bars, covers, RF/EMI shields, enclosures, frames, rack mounts, and small brackets.

We primarily work with various materials suited for distinct purposes in communications equipment. Our commonly used metals include aluminum (with options for enhanced conductivity and durability), cold-rolled steel (ideal for indoor applications), copper (known for its electrical conductivity), galvannealed steel (specifically resistant to wet environments), and stainless steel (combining strength with corrosion resistance).

Our fabrication expertise extends to intricate features crucial for enhanced performance in communications equipment. These encompass embossments, offering benefits such as improved liquid dispersion, reduced friction, and enhanced heat transfer; louvers, aiding in ventilation and assembly; and bridges that serve diverse functions like card guides, vents, and wire tie-downs.

We pride ourselves on using a combination of specialized in-house tools and, when required, additional tooling to ensure precision. Our team collaborates closely with clients to resolve design challenges and meet stringent functional requirements, from prototyping to the production of finely finished end-use parts.

Absolutely. We've successfully supported companies like Gradient Technologies through product development and rapid prototyping. Once prototypes meeting specifications were delivered, we executed small production runs that exceeded expectations. Our aim is to provide efficient solutions and superior-quality critical components within quick turnarounds.

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