Cut Costs and Boost Efficiency with ASM’s Sheet Metal CAD Tooling Library

Last updated on December 27th, 2023 at 08:46 am

Sheet Metal CAD Tooling Library - .108 x .295 x .132 - .059 Thickness
1.074 x .665 x .130 - .059 Thickness

What if you could design the most common sheet metal part features faster? With our Sheet Metal CAD Tooling Library, you can!

Mechanical engineers and product developers are already saving time and money with our 3D Tooling Library’s drag-and-drop shapes. Simply download one of the pre-designed tooling options and add the SOLIDWORKS or STEP file seamlessly into your CAD design environment.

Keep reading to learn how this new resource can improve your design process, prevent unnecessary expenses, and ensure that your precision sheet metal parts are truly top-of-the-line.

NEW: ASM’s Sheet Metal CAD Tooling Library

Launched in August 2023, Approved Sheet Metal’s Tooling Library is a free and easy solution for customers who prefer not to spend their time designing basic part features from scratch.

Avoid the high costs and long lead times associated with custom tooling

We know you’re more than equipped to design your own embossments and louvers in CAD software. But why design a feature that requires costly custom tooling if you can avoid it?

Creating a punch tool for a custom embossment can cost upwards of $1,500. Custom louver tools cost anywhere from $2,000-$3,000. While some jobs require complete customization for every feature, we see no reason for you to incur unnecessary costs if standard features (achievable with standard tooling) are viable options.

With our standard feature models, you’ll save time on design and custom tool creation.

Learn to use the Tooling Library

Before you get started with our Tooling Library, we encourage you to watch our two-minute tutorial demonstrating how to drag and drop the pre-designed shapes directly into your CAD workspace in SOLIDWORKS.

How to access the Tooling Library

Anyone can instantly access our Tooling Library and download SLDFTP or STEP files with a single click—no passwords or submission forms are required. You’ll find the Tooling Library in the Resources section of our website. Simply hover over the Resources menu, select CAD Tooling Library, and dive right in!

And with no download limits, our pre-designed shapes are always at your fingertips, no matter where you’re working or how frequently you’ve downloaded them in the past.

Find these precision sheet metal tooling shapes in the Tooling Library

Our library currently contains a selection of downloadable round embossments and louvers, all designed for our sheet metal fabrication shop’s in-house punch tooling.

Round embossment shapes are currently available as SLDFTP and STEP downloads in these dimensions*:

  • 1.946 x 1.415 x .250 - .059 thickness
  • .108 x .295 x .132 - .059 thickness
  • 1.074 x .665 x .130 - .059 thickness
  • .992 x .443 x .200 - .059 thickness

Louver shapes are currently available as SLDFTP downloads in these dimensions*:

  • 2.985 x .615 x .210 - 0.047 - 0.080 thickness
  • 4.000 x .750 x .310 - 0.060 - 0.100 thickness

*The library’s feature dimensions reflect this structure key: ​​Major Diameter x Minor Diameter x Height - Material Thickness

The Future of CAD Solutions at Approved Sheet Metal

Our Sheet Metal CAD Tooling Library is poised to become your favorite resource for achieving fast, efficient 3D models for your precision sheet metal parts.

In the coming months and years, our in-house engineers have plans to add many more embossment and louver styles to the library as well as lances and other features. We can’t wait to help all of our sheet metal fabrication customers benefit from the time and cost savings of standardization and in-house tooling.

If you’d like to get notified when new, downloadable shapes are added to ASM’s Tooling Library, you’ll find a box for sharing your email address with our Tooling Library team. (We promise: no spam!)

You’ll find the sign-up box on the right side of the Tooling Library webpage here:

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At Approved Sheet Metal, we’re committed to not only doing our best work but also helping you achieve your best. From our unprecedented Tooling Library to our many manufacturing guides, our team is here to help you get exceptional results on every order.

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Sheet Metal CAD Tooling Library FAQ

Our Tooling Library provides a range of commonly used shapes and features for sheet metal parts, such as embossments, louvers, and more, aimed at streamlining the design process.

Engineers and developers can save valuable time and costs by utilizing pre-designed tooling options available in formats compatible with SOLIDWORKS or STEP files, allowing seamless integration into their CAD designs.

By leveraging the standard features provided in the library, users can circumvent the high costs and extended lead times typically associated with creating custom tooling for embossments or louvers, which can range from $1,500 to $3,000 per tool.

While some projects require unique customization, our library offers a set of standardized features that are achievable with standard tooling, enabling users to save time on design and avoid the need for custom tool creation for common features.

We recommend watching a brief two-minute tutorial that demonstrates the straightforward process of dragging and dropping the pre-designed shapes directly into the CAD workspace, specifically in SOLIDWORKS, ensuring easy integration and utilization.

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