Custom Sheet Metal Electrical Contacts

Prototype Sheet Metal Electrical Contact Fabrications | Low Volume Production Sheet Metal Electrical Contact Fabrications

Sheet Metal Fabricated Electrical Contacts

Approved Sheet Metal (ASM) excels at fabricating custom sheet metal electrical contacts. We understand that many industries rely on precise, high-precision fabricated parts. We fabricate prototype sheet metal contacts in various sizes for a multitude of industries including medical, robotics, defense, aerospace, and telecommunications

We are entrusted with the custom sheet metal contacts of top global companies. Experience why they keep coming back to ASM for their sheet metal parts, request a quote today.

Plating Options:

  • Silver
  • Nickel
  • Bright Tin
  • Matte Tin
  • Lead Mixes

We also offer various plating options that will increase the conductivity of your prototype sheet metal contact.

Sheet Metal Assembly
robotics and automation

Quick Turn Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

We love prototypes! We are set up for Quantity 1 and Low Volume Production volumes up to 5,000 Parts

Leverage our 30+ years of prototype sheet metal and low-volume production sheet metal fabrication experience. Approved Sheet Metal (ASM) will fabricate a single expedited prototype enclosure all the way to low-volume production sheet metal quantities in the thousands. Our rapid sheet metal services utilize state-of-the-art software, seasoned employees, and top-of-the-line equipment to get parts out the door fast and right the first time. Get a quote today or contact us to discuss your project


Sheet Metal Design for Manufacturing

Design parts with the sheet metal fabrication process in mind. Reduce cost and get parts on your desk faster!

Learn about the following best practices when designing sheet metal parts:

  • Hems & Offsets
  • Notches & Tabs
  • Corners & Welding
  • Uniform Thickness and more!
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