Why Be Normal? Get Creative with Your Powder Coated Sheet Metal Parts (Updated for 2024)

Last updated on February 9th, 2024 at 01:50 pm

Did you know you can get powder coated sheet metal parts in any color you want?

It’s true! In a world of 6,500+ powder coating color options, don't settle for basic black or generic gray with a traditional matte finish.

Life is short—what’s stopping you from having glittery aqua car turbo pipes or bright red motorcycle parts?

Make your powder coated sheet metal parts pop with unique and eye-catching customized powder coating options.

Powder Coating Is Faster and More Durable Than Traditional Paint

Between priming the surface of the part, applying multiple coats of paint, and waiting for each coat to dry, using wet paint to finish custom fabrications can be a lengthy process. Depending on the number of coats required, a two-week wet paint job might take half as long with powder coating.

Powder coating consists of applying dry powder (usually made out of thermoplastics) electrostatically to create a hard finish that is more long-lasting than wet paint. Approved Sheet Metal has powder coated sheet metal capabilities in-house, so you get your finished sheet metal parts at lightning speed.

Enjoy Endless Customization Options with Prismatic Powders

We direct customers to Prismatic Powders' vast selection of colors and textures to elevate their sheet metal parts. With thousands of options to choose from, Prismatic truly lives up to their claim of being “powder coating's creative outlet.” Their products are top-quality and highly durable, too.

While some of the brand’s color and treatment options come with a more premium price tag, our specialists apply them at our shop like any other powder coating.

These three collections are just a few of our favorites:

1. Color-shifting collection

The color-shifting collection features chameleon, holo-graphic, and color-shifting multi-tone and metallic colors that add intrigue to any part. With names like The Kraken, Leprechaun Tears, and Beetlejuice, just exploring options is enjoyable.

2. Disco collection

As groovy as it sounds, the disco collection is like putting a colorful glitter ball inside a powder coating electrostatic gun. Custom fabrications with these sparkly and vibrant colors are sure to turn heads.

3. Super durable collection

The super durable collection is small but mighty, offering powder coatings made from durable polyester resin to provide superior UV resistance. The products in this collection are designed to withstand weather conditions and could make an excellent option for parts that will be exposed to extreme elements.

With so many possibilities for customizations—why be normal? Choosing a bold or unexpected color won't extend lead times, nor will it drastically impact the cost of making your sheet metal parts.

But you might have a bit more fun with your project. 😉 The next time you're designing a powder coated sheet metal part, close your eyes and let yourself dream up a colorful finish.

If you'd like help customizing your sheet metal parts, let us know! We love exploring options for our customers and finding colors that are truly perfect for their projects. And if you're ready to get your project rolling, request a quote so we can get started right away.

6 Tips for Designing Powder Coated Sheet Metal Parts


With over two decades of experience in powder coating, we’ve learned that a little bit of foresight yields superior outcomes. Here are our top tips for powder coated sheet metal parts.

powder coated sheet metal parts

Powder Coated Sheet Metal Parts FAQ

Powder coating involves applying dry powder electrostatically, creating a durable finish compared to the multi-coat process of traditional wet paint. It's quicker and offers a wider range of vibrant colors and textures.

Prismatic Powders offer a vast selection of colors and textures, including color-shifting, disco-themed sparkles, and super durable options. While some may have premium pricing, these top-quality coatings provide endless creative possibilities.

Absolutely! Opting for bold or unique colors in powder coating won't significantly impact time or costs. The extensive range of available colors doesn’t add to lead times or drastically inflate expenses for sheet metal projects.

Compared to the lengthy process of priming, painting, and waiting for each coat to dry, powder coating cuts down on time significantly. What might take two weeks with wet paint could be accomplished in half the time or less with powder coating.

Absolutely! We love exploring options with our customers. If you're seeking assistance in customizing your sheet metal parts with vibrant and unique colors, reach out to us. Request a quote, and we'll help you find the perfect coating for your project.

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