Sheet Metal Punching

Punching Sheet Metal Parts

Punch forming is a process of cutting holes or other openings into sheet metal. It is commonly used in the fabrication of custom precision sheet metal parts. The process can be performed using a variety of different tools, including hand punches, power presses, and computer numerical control (CNC) punching machines. Punching is typically done using a die, which is a tool that has been specifically designed for the desired shape of the opening. For example, a round die will create a round hole, while a square die will create a square hole. The die is mounted on a punch press, and the sheet metal is placed over the die. The press then applies pressure to the sheet metal, which cuts through the metal and creates the desired opening.

Approved Sheet Metal has punch forming capabilities in-house so you can get sheet metal parts FAST. Our punch operators have 15+ years of experience in punch-forming prototypes to low-volume production quantities. In addition to punching, other sheet metal fabrication capabilities that Approved Sheet Metal has extensive experience in include:

Check out the gallery below to see what we can do for you!

Sheet Metal Punching
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Punching 1
Punching 2
Punching 3
Sheet Metal Punching - Louvers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is your lead time for punch formed parts?

Standard ship for punch formed parts is 7-10 days, with expedites available!

What tolerances can you achieve for punch formed parts?

We can achieve tolerances of +/- 0.003”

What considerations should I think about when designing parts?

There are ways to design parts, specifically features, that will help reduce back-and-forth and ensure that you get what you need out of your part. Take a look at our Sheet Metal Design for Manufacturing eBook to see best practices - See the eBook

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