Precision Sheet Metal That’s Proudly Made in the USA (Updated for 2024)

American-Made Sheet Metal Prototyping and Metal Fabrication

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 12:05 pm

At Approved Sheet Metal (ASM), we’re proud that 100% of our parts are made in the USA (more specifically, made in the great town of Hudson, New Hampshire).

The assumption is often that American products are expensive compared to overseas resources, but you can actually save money by choosing local manufacturing. Here’s why we love serving you here:

  • Local jobs and economic growth. Local manufacturing lets us offer a good living to members of our own community. We currently employee 20 employees in our hometown, and we expect to keep growing!
  • Faster delivery. An overseas manufacturer can’t drop off a part at your front door if needed. Shipping and delivery times are significantly shorter when you make your parts domestically.
  • Avoid expensive fees and taxes. Often the quoted “cost” of a part doesn’t include shipping and taxes, which can be costly if you’re sending a part overseas and through customs. Save yourself the hidden costs and the headache of dealing with different time zones, difficult communication, and government regulations by buying local.
  • We love being part of the neighborhood. Community is important to us, both on our team and in our relationships with our customers.

  • Quality. When you have deadlines that your team is driving toward, there isn’t time to make things twice. Here at ASM, we believe in making things right the first time. Our rapid sheet metal fabrication process helps us do exactly that.
  • Communication. Communicating with customers is an important, and often overlooked, part of manufacturing. We don’t just get it, we get it done! Our state of the art, custom-build inhouse software runs off 3D CAD models. We have the experience and understanding to make any changes needed with a quick phone call or email, and we love to speak with our customers and work hard to keep the information going in both directions. If we have a suggestion or challenge we will provide options rather than issues. 🙂

Support made-in-the-USA manufacturing with your next sheet metal prototyping project! Request a custom quote from our team.

Recommended Default Sheet Metal Tolerances

DIMTolerance (MM)Tolerance (Inches)Description
A± 0.13± 0.005Sheared Edge to Hole
B± 0.13± 0.0052 Holes on One Surface
C± 0.25± 0.010Formed Edge to Hole
D*± 0.76± 0.030Holes Across 2 Bends
E*± 0.76± 0.030Holes Across 4 Bends
F± 0.25± 0.010Sheared Edge to Bend
G± 0.38± 0.015Across 2 Bends
H*± 0.76± 0.030Formed Part

Noted dimensions are to be taken while the part is in a restrained condition. Noted dimensions are for parts within a 12” envelope.
* Dimensions D, E and H are not recommended forms of dimensioning
These tolerances are recommended and best practices. We can obtain tighter tolerances (depending on part geometry/ construction), contact us for more information

Approved Sheet Metal American Made Parts FAQ

American-made products often provide faster delivery times, avoid hidden fees and taxes associated with international shipping, support local jobs and economic growth, and maintain high-quality standards due to proximity and communication advantages.

No, choosing local manufacturing can actually save you money. By avoiding expensive fees, taxes, and hidden costs associated with shipping and customs, you can achieve cost savings.

There are several advantages:

  • Local jobs and economic growth are promoted, benefiting the community.
  • Faster delivery times since parts can be dropped off directly at your location.
  • Avoidance of expensive fees, taxes, and the challenges of dealing with different time zones and government regulations.

At Approved Sheet Metal, we believe in getting things right the first time. Our rapid sheet metal fabrication process is designed to deliver high-quality results and meet deadlines efficiently.

We prioritize communication with our customers. Our state-of-the-art, custom-built in-house software, based on 3D CAD models, enables quick and effective communication. We are experienced in making any necessary changes and provide options rather than issues. We value speaking with our customers and maintaining an open flow of information.

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