Flat Sheet Metal Parts Delivered to Your Door the Same Day You Order Them (Updated for 2023)

Last updated on December 1st, 2023 at 01:32 pm

In a jam with that trade show right around the corner?

Itching to see your design transformed into a physical part ASAP so you can begin assembling components for your prototype?

When it comes to quick turn sheet metal fabrication, you need your parts done right the first time—and you need them fast.

If you’re under pressure to fulfill an order that needs flat parts, don’t waste precious time at just any metal fabrication shop. Come to Approved Sheet Metal and we’ll get it done for you!

Approved Sheet Metal’s Unparalleled Sense of Urgencylaser cutting services

At Approved Sheet Metal, timeliness is a top priority. We respond to all quote requests in 4 hours or less, so you’ll never be stuck waiting around to hear from us.

Most importantly, we know exactly what it takes to consistently deliver sheet metal parts on tight deadlines:

  • Investing in the right software to get orders onto the shop floor faster. Our secure quoting platform enables us to provide fast and accurate quoting so we can get started on your order quickly. Additionally, our custom ERP technology uses artificial intelligence to track material inventory and manage operational schedules for optimal efficiency.
  • Proactive communication.

We pride ourselves on always being just a phone call away. Our dedicated team members are ready to provide solutions to any issues that might arise. Plus, we’re all located in one facility, allowing for better and easier communication.

  • Knowledgeable team members. 

We strive to be the BEST at everything we do, and part of that means always teaching our team members new skills to better serve customers. Training everyone to understand new machines and workflows not only boosts our company’s value, but it also gives our employees a sense of fulfillment and achievement.

  • Awesome laser capabilities.

A typical CO2 laser can cut .059” aluminum or steel at just 60 inches per minute. But our new AMADA 3kW ENSIS 3015 RI Fiber Laser can cut these same materials at an impressive 866 inches per minute! This capability empowers us to complete production parts faster than ever before. 

  • Additional operations.

We never sacrifice quality for speed. Our in-house Timesavers machine allows us to sand, grind, and debur your flat parts quickly and effectively. Premium operations are also available to round and smooth edges.

  • Stocking common materials at our warehouse.

Don’t worry about sourcing your own material. We’ve already anticipated your needs and stocked up on the most popular gauges for steel (including stainless and galvanized) and aluminum. If for any reason we don’t have the material you need in-house, we’ll find it for you as quickly as possible.

How Our Same Day Rush Service Works

Ready to get started on your rush order for rapid sheet metal parts? Here’s how our same day rush service works:

  1. Submit your flat part order by requesting a quote from our website
  2. Place your order by 10 am EST
  3. Get parts on your dock by 10 am EST the next day

Seriously, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Even if you’re not taking advantage of our same day rush service, you’ll see our sense of urgency reflected in our other capabilities as well. We aim for the fastest lead time for all the services we offer, including formed parts, hardware insertionassemblyfinishing, and more!

We know you’re in a hurry, so go ahead and request a quote right now!

ASM Flat Parts FAQ

We understand the urgency of your projects. At Approved Sheet Metal, we respond to all quote requests in 4 hours or less, ensuring you won't be left waiting for a timely response.

We invest in advanced software, including a secure quoting platform and custom ERP technology with artificial intelligence. This technology enables us to provide fast and precise quoting, getting your order onto the shop floor quickly.

Communication is vital to us. Our dedicated team members are always just a phone call away, and since we are all located in one facility, communication is seamless. We're ready to provide solutions to any issues that may arise promptly.

We pride ourselves on our impressive laser capabilities. Our AMADA 3kW ENSIS 3015 RI Fiber Laser can cut materials like aluminum and steel at an impressive speed of 866 inches per minute, allowing us to complete production parts faster than ever before.

We've got you covered. We stock popular gauges of steel, including stainless and galvanized, as well as aluminum materials. If we don't have a specific material in-house, we'll find it for you as quickly as possible, ensuring minimal delays in your project.

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